Stressors You Might Experience When Caring For the Elderly

There are many reasons why family members are looking after their own family instead of putting them into a Nursing Home. Yet if you speak to carers you will soon realise that there are many days when the work load is too hard and the support system is not there. So many day-to-day living activities soon become impossible to do when you are the primary carer of an elderly family member.

Stressors You Might Experience When Caring For the Elderly

The elderly need a lot of care when they are no longer able to live independently. There are many issues to consider…can they feed themself, toilet themselves and dress themselves? What about every day-to-day living needs? Are they able to clean the house, shop for food, cook dinner and remember about hygiene needs? When you start to care for you loved family member it’s almost like the roles are reversed and you become the parent, the elderly becomes the child. You need to have the support so that you are able to look after yourself before you care for another person.

Here are 7 Stresses You Might Experience When Caring For the Elderly….

A lack of time. As you take on the responsibility of caring for the Elderly you will lose the time that you had to live your own day-to-day life. No longer will you have the freedom to come and go, and have your normal social life.
A feeling of not having enough sleep. You will be caring for your own needs plus those of another person. You will be going to bed feeling exhausted and yet the next day you have to get up and do it all over again.
A lack of patience. It takes a lot of patience to look after the elderly. Sometimes the elderly lose their hearing, so you need to find another way to communicate. Sometimes the elderly become stubborn and set in their ways so you need to be able to listen to what they are saying without losing your patience.
Your own nutritional needs might suffer. Due to the lack of time you might be too stressed to be concerned with nutrition, and cook easy meals that will be easy and take less time but are not meeting your day-to-day vitamin needs.
A limited amount of money. Money soon could become the biggest stress reason when caring for an elderly person. Maybe you had to give up work, or cut back your hours and your pay cheque is no longer the normal amount of money. But the outcome expenses of Doctor Bills, Healthy Care Bills and Food bills are rising. Money is the number one stress reason and can cause major illnesses in your own health.
Lack of support from other family members. If you are the primary carer for your elderly parent, and lack family support then you will soon faces issues of being stressed that there is no one to turn to when you need a break, or a shoulder to cry on.
A lose of friends. If you are needing to be home and not able to join your social group of friends on days that they are going out, then you might lose some of your friends. This could soon become very stressful because once you lose the friends that are close to you then you have lost who you are.
When The Stress Of Caring For The Elderly Become Too Much.

It is important to look at all your options when you are caring for the elderly. Do you have a good home support system that will be able to aid when you need a break? Is there any places that you can turn to when you do become too stressed? Are you able to get out of the house even if its to go for a walk each day? Can you have other family members cook meals each week so that you are not that stressed that it all becomes too much. You need to be able to sleep, to keep eating high nutritional meals and to also exercise so that you do not become ill. Caring for the Elderly can be very stressful unless you have the right support system.

Stressors You Might Experience When Caring For the Elderly vary from family to family and situation to situation. Taking care of your own personal needs are important. Looking after yourself before you look after another person is vital. Once you become to stressed then you need to seek other options and look for help within the Nursing Industry. Finding out if there is a Nursing Home that can help with full-time caring or even finding out if there is a Nursing Home that is able to give relief care will ease your stresses.

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